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Oct 25

Children’s Chapter Book: The Chautauqua Kids and The Fuddy Duddy Daddy

children's book inside pageA tale of pancakes and baseball
Richard Austin Maxwell liked the nickname Mom gave him. She called him “Pancake” because that was his favorite food, and no matter how many he ate, he never tired of pancakes. Richard’s favorite sport was baseball, and his favorite place to play it was in Chautauqua Park.When Richard’s Mom visited his grandparents for a week, Pancake complained to his sister Skippy that it would be an awful week with their embarrassing and boring “Fuddy Duddy Daddy” in charge.Could Richard survive the week with Dad cooking pancakes and playing baseball, something Mr. Maxwell never does, or would the week become a disaster?


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Oct 25

Blogging the Book, Part 2

Good intentions are not enough. They’ve never put an onion in the soup yet. –Sonya Levien

Summer is the culprit that derailed my good intentions of writing my next book, a memoir about World War II, and yes, it’s time indeed to “put an onion in the soup.” Research is going well and the outline, too, and there are stacks of notes on my desk. Stay tuned.

Mar 26

Blogging the Book

Kay has already started work on her next book, and she will be posting things here and there as she makes her way through the project. Look for posts to start appearing next month–April 2013. To catch up on all posts about the new book, they can be found in the Blogging the Book tab above.

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