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Dec 29

Top reasons why it’s time for 2011 to end

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language.?And next year’s words await another voice.?– T.S. Eliot, “Little Gidding”

For the past two years at the end of December, I shared with you my top ten reasons why I was ready for that year to end. And here we are again at the close of another calendar year that was filled with just as many jaw-dropping, ludicrous, important events or not so as the year before.

I imagine you are ready for the year to end, too.

It is always fun to look back, however, so here they are: my top ten reasons why it’s time for 2011 to end.

10. The 2011 designation I give to ‘too much of someone or something’ goes this year to the media circus surrounding two high-profile legal cases, Casey Anthony and Conrad Murray’s in particular.

Cardiologist Conrad Murray, convicted of killing Michael Jackson, is now being vilified to Hannibal Lector status, according to the New York Daily news. And meanwhile, Casey Anthony who has never been seen since she got off with a wrist slap in her murder trial, is now the subject of fun-filled parlor games, a Facebook page, and movie sure to come all asking the burning question “Where in the World is Casey Anthony.

9. The ‘Pits of a Sports Moment’—NFL lockout and NBA lockout.

8. One word—Bieber. Yes, Bieber wins this one-word distinction once again this year, but it is not his hair that put him in the headlines this time. No sirree, it is an alleged paternity suit from a groupie, although he still looks 12 to me.

7. Two words—Rally Squirrel. Actually, I love Rally Squirrel’s antics and look forward to him reappearing in 2012, perhaps in Kansas City this time?

6. Three words—This is a tossup between ‘Occupy Wall Street…or whatever’ and Charlie Sheen’s Tweets.

5. The ‘Fall from Grace’ winner this year goes to the ‘Not-So Fashionable Dead Dictators’ and the unfortunate loss of the comic relief their fashion choices once provided:

  • Kim Jong-Il – could be one of the most poorly dressed emperors on the planet. However, he never lost his swagger, always decked out with giant sunglasses, his signature brown jumpsuits and fav platform shoes.
  • Muammar Gadhafi—This dictator had some crazy and colorful clothes, hats and makeup, and I am sorry to say, his fashion statement will be sorely missed. He has been deemed, in some circles, the Lady Gaga of the evil dictator crowd.
  • Bin Laden – wore sheets and there really isn’t much else to say about that fashion statement.

4. Movies—the end of Harry Potter and the almost end of Twilight. However, 2011 could be deemed “The Year of the Movie Sequel” with these summer blockbusters hitting the silver screen: Scream 4, Pirates 4, Mission Impossible IV, Cars 2, Transformers 3, Spy Kids 4, Hangover 2, and my personal favorite Kung Fu Panda 2. I am tired of some of these but not Kung Fu Panda, huh uh.

3. Fashion—itty, bitty thin feathers clamped into hair to make hairdos look better? Enough said.

2. Food trends—although 2010 could be considered the year of the organic, 2011 has to be the gluten-free-everything year. Gluten-free labels are turning up on many foods that are already naturally gluten-free, such as coffee? So what is this all about? Gluten is being blamed for a host of maladies with some people saying going gluten-free has changed their lives for the better and others reporting no difference whatsoever. Guess we could say the jury is still out on this one. We will stay tuned.

1. My number one reason for wanting 2011 to end has to be Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the Kardashian hype, the wedding, the divorce, the family 3-D Christmas card, and their book ‘Kardashian Konfidential’. If you are not in the Kardashian know, simply search the Internet for “Who are the Kardashians” and you will find entertaining blogs with all the answers. One of these is my favorite because it gives a humorous answer to the burning questions, why are the Kardashian sisters famous and why have they been cluttering up my television?
What could possibly top all this in 2012, you may wonder? An election year perhaps? Hold onto your hats New Year’s Eve revelers, it could be quite a ride.
Happy New Year!