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Nov 14

The late musical legend and entertainer’s entertainer, Al Fike, inducted into Holt County, Missouri, Music Hall of Fame, Nov. 28, 2015, in Forest City, MO.

Al Fike Estes Park.jpg

“Al Fike and his beloved Rocky Mountains” reprinted with permission by The Estes Park Trail-Gazette, originally published in the Time of Your Life edition, Autumn 1989.

Al Fike, longtime music educator in Holt County and nationally-known entertainer, is one of the inductees in the new Holt County Music Hall of Fame. The ceremony will be held at 7 PM on November 28th at the Historic City Hall on The Al Fike Stage in Forest City, MO. More information about the ceremony can be found on this link: https://www.facebook.com/forestcitymo/?fref=nf.

Al Fike Stage

Al Fike’s life story is on the link below directing you to the biography I wrote about him. It was a pleasure helping him record his memories of his amazing musical career. It was not published until after he died, although we worked on it together a few years before then. Al would indeed be honored and delighted to be inducted into the Music Hall of Fame in Holt County. I can just hear him saying “Ain’t ya glad you come” (a saying he used to begin his shows). Here’s the link to my book if you want to take a look: http://kayhoflander.com/books/al-fike/


Al began his professional career in 1948 in Central City, Colorado, after years of teaching music and serving as a school superintendent in Missouri. Al Fike became a living legend, preserving and enhancing the traditions of the American musical stage as no other performer has ever done. The Al Fike Show was an opportunity to see an entertainer’s entertainer perform (and teach).



Sep 18

Boomer forgetfulness makes song a hit video

“Looking for my wallet and car keys, well they can’t have gone too far. Just as soon as I find my glasses, I’m sure I’ll see just where they are,”
—Tom Rush, folk and blues singer-songwriter.

From time to time in this Full Circle column, I try to bring my generation up to speed on the latest trends and fads that affect us. I love to surf the web. It is my thing, but it may not be yours, and that is perfectly OK.

This time, however, many of you are well ahead of me. Millions of us have already clicked on YouTube to watch a musical video by Tom Rush, folksy guitarist and singer-songwriter of the 60’s. His big YouTube hit is titled “Looking for my wallet and my car keys”, but it is commonly known as “The Remember Song”.

Tom says this on his website about his YouTube phenomenon, “I have been waiting 45 years to become an overnight sensation, and it’s finally happened!”

He continues, “My “Remember Song” is up over 3.5 million plays and counting. What’s interesting to me is that clearly these are not 3 million kids watching this thing—it’s the boomers, who are supposed to be Luddites (term used to describe anyone opposed to technological change and progress) but apparently aren’t!”

YouTube, for non-computer users, is a video sharing website where users can upload short video movies.

Trust me, I do not explain YouTube to you with any condescension or superciliousness in mind at all. Rather, it is because I am well aware that there are many of us boomers who could be called “e-challenged”.

My husband, my cousin, my neighbor for starters.

And, it is just fine, and do not let anyone say otherwise. I might have to slap them around a bit if they do.

But back to Tom Rush.

He comments on his website about this hot YouTube song, “A video clip of my performance of ‘The Remember Song’ has gone viral. I felt terrible at first thinking I was being accused of being a musical equivalent of Ebola (common term for a group of viruses) but my children explained to me that this was a good thing.”

Take a listen to one more verse.

“Supposed to meet someone for lunch today, but I can’t remember where. Or who it is I am meeting. It is in my organizer somewhere. I might’ve left it on the counter. Maybe outside in the car. The last time I remember driving was to that memory enhancement seminar.”

Lost wallet, car keys, organizers. Drat.

We can find YouTube though.

Right on boomers.

Dec 07

Truth is, I like Hannah Montana’s Daddy better

“Don’t tell my heart, my achy breaky heart. I just don’t think i’t understand!”—Billy Ray Cyrus.

Teen idols are generally not well known in the over-50 crowd. Ask any card-carrying baby boomer to name a current teen star, even one as popular as the Disney Channel’s Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana. Few can do it.

However, ask us to remember her Dad, Billy Ray Cyrus of the blockbuster 1992 hit single, “Achy Breaky Heart”. Now, that is a different story, but please don’t tell Hannah I like her daddy better.

I am not alone. An online blogger wrote this, “I am a 65-year-old woman, and I first watched Hannah Montana because Billy Ray was on there, and that’s the only reason I watched. I have been a Billy Ray fan since the early 90’s.”

Some background may be in order here if you have never seen the show.

Disney has a wildly successful program featuring a normal teenage girl named Miley Stewart, played by Miley Cyrus. Her real-life dad, 1990’s country singing star Billy Ray Cyrus, plays her dad. Are you with me so far?

Intriguingly, Miley has a secret life. Miley moved from Tennessee to Malibu where only her family and close friends know that she is really pop singing star Hannah Montana. The series begets teen mania unseen since The Beatles arrived in America, according to writers who were not born yet when the Fav Four crossed the Atlantic.

Yet, there are those among us who have never heard of Hannah despite all the hoopla. My husband, a case in point.

Yesterday evening he asked, “Have you ever heard of some girl called Hannah Mannah, or Hannah something?”

“Yes, that would be Hannah Montana, but that’s not her real name. I replied. “Her real name is Miley Cyrus, and she entertained last night at the new Sprint Center in Kansas City. Here dad is Billy Ray Cyrus. Why are you asking?”

“Heard of him. Never heard of her,” he said, “but her bus was at our truck stop today.”

“What? Oh no, I missed it. I could have taken a picture,” I moaned.

“No worries. I have one,” he said.

He has a Hannah Montana photo?

Since we live in a small town not far from the interstate highway, it did not take long for Hannah Montana mania to envelop our berg once folks learned that her bus was at the junction. Phone calls flew, and a secretary, Jill, dispatched her boss, John, to take a picture. I guess he was the only one with a camera handy.

In no time at all, my husband had an email picture of a bright, hot pink Hannah Montana bus parked at our truck stop.

Truth is, it was only her bus, so I didn’t miss much. She wasn’t on it and neither was her dad, the one I really wanted to see.

“Don’t tell my heart, my achy breaky heart. I just don’t think i’t understand.”

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