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Jan 20

Cures for glummest day of the year–Blue Monday

“Blue Monday how I hate Blue Monday…cause Monday is a mess.” – recorded by Fats Domino, 1956; written by Dave Bartholomew and Fats Domino

It is that time of year, late January, when many of us are in a funk, especially on Blue Monday.

Going back to work, post-Christmas debts, nasty bad weather, failed New Year’s resolutions and low motivation.

All these dilemmas add up to one sour, dour and miserable bad mood.

I am blaming mine on Blue Monday.

Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year falls in late January, according to Dr. Cliff Arnall. He is the mathematician credited with devising a formula that he says proves this is the most dismal, gloomiest, melancholy and depressing day of the year.

Wonderful news isn’t it.

Don’t get too gleeful, however, if you think that Blue Monday occurred last Monday, Jan. 17th, and is behind you. It may not actually have happened yet, since apparently there is some confusion as to when it falls in 2011, the 17th or 24th of January.

Happily, there may be cures for these Blue Monday blues if you happen to suffer from what is also referred to as “Blue Monday Syndrome”.

Step One.

Listen to an old Fats Domino recording of “Blue Monday”, his top-of-the charts 50s tune (Hint: you can find the recording on YouTube, search Fats Domino – Austin City Limits).

You will feel better right away.

I just played it on my computer and am rocking and rolling right out of that Blue Monday funk even as we speak.

Step Two.

Bean soup. Eat yourself happy because comfort food in the dreads of winter really does help. Bean soup, anyway you want to make it, is my personal comfort food favorite served with cornbread and warm tapioca pudding, dolloped with beaten egg whites. Note: don’t serve the pudding chilled if you want true comfort.

Step Three. Choose from these most-often used suggestions and hopefully you will find one that helps you survive Blue Monday.

Take off your shoes and walk around your home or office barefoot. (Makes sense, unless one happens to have overpowering foot odor. If so, move on to the next suggestion please.)

Drink a hot beverage throughout the day as the act of holding a warm cup in your hand can help. I’ve got that one down.

Sit up straight. Stand up straight. Don’t slouch. (Yes, it is your grandmother’s voice in your head, and she was right.)

According to numerous university studies, I found that the following activities provide some much-needed wintertime TLC. Sing, dance, flirt, give to charity, help others, light floral-scented candles, play board games or watch I Love Lucy. Survey says.

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our misery that we don’t know how to find our way out. Thus, I direct you back to Step One and Fats Domino, a perfect place to begin.

Turn up the volume and sing:

“Blue Monday, how I hate Blue Monday. Got to work like a slave all day. Here come Tuesday, oh hard Tuesday. I’m so tired got no time to play. Here come Wednesday. I’m beat to my socks…Thursday is a hard-working day, and Friday I get my pay. Saturday mornin’, oh Saturday morning’, all my tiredness has gone away. Sunday morning…I’ve got to get my rest. ‘Cause Monday is a mess!”